You want to use IHY, but you don't know how to do it?
It's very simple!


The "Start your search" bar, thanks to its free incremental search engine, allows you to search for clinical areas, diseases, therapies, diagnostic examinations, specialist visits and health facilities in line with your needs.


Insert what you need into the bar!


For example, you can search for the name of your pathology, the hospital where you wish to visit, the country in which the facility is located, the intervention and / or diagnostic examination you need to undergo and many other parameters.


For a more precise and detailed search you can click on "Advanced Search" so you can refine it by entering and choosing from a dropdown menu Country, Region, City and type of health facility (eg. public or private). 


All you have to do is click on GO to get the information you are looking for!


After clicking on GO and starting the search for information in line with your needs you can see a preview of health facilities that meet the criteria you previously entered.


The "Refine your search" menu will allow you to filter the facilities according to additional parameters such as accessibility, comfort, assistance, the services available inside (bar, ATM, private room, wi-fi, etc.), the average time of delivery of services, transport to the spa, industry associations and voluntary and hospital certifications.


For a better view of the list of structures sort and compare the search results based on: location, subjective evaluation (indicated by the colored hearts) and activity volume. 



Previews of research results allow you to view basic information about each healthcare facility. Don't stop at those!


To view the complete sheet of the structure in line with your needs and your choice, click on the white arrow at the side of the preview. 


Each tab contains personal details, departments and operating units, the services provided, services offered, diseases treated and the Schedule of Journeys button that gives you the opportunity to organize your trip in structure.


If you also have the "CONTACT STRUCTURE" button on the card, you can contact directly the health authorities.

Data aggiornamento: Settembre 2018