The Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Center, Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine of Valduce Hospital, is specialized in Rehabilitation Medicine and it is a reference center in the field of neuro-motor rehabilitation, gait analysis and telemedicine in Italy.

The Center is a structure dedicated to the recovery of the best possible functional condition of people with problems deriving from disability due to genetic or acquired neurological diseases. Each person has a tailor-made recovery project, coordinated by medical doctors specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, in collaboration with other professionals coming from different branches such as neurology, neuro-surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, urology, pulmonology, cardiology and dietetics, psychology and neuropsychology.

During in-hospital stay patient is stimulated to search for and use all his/her residual capacities and resources in order to develop the maximum potential of recovery of impaired functions.

To guarentee an integrated tailor-made clinical pathway even after hospital discharge the Center is focused on:

  • Motion Laboratories Analysis for lower and upper limbs diagnosis and treatment;
  • the use of tailor-made orthosis combined with focused physiotherapy programs;
  • pharmacological and/or surgical interventions;
  • the possibility of performing long term follow-up at patient’s home using telemedicine infrastructure;
  • a specific training dedicated to caregiver.

The services of the "Villa Beretta" Rehabilitation Center are offered in a completely paperless environment thanks to an electronic medical record system that allows a real-time access to the necessary information.

Source: Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Center

Activity data

The Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Center counts 89 hospital beds and in the Neuro-motor Rehabilitation area has:

Clinic Area dedicated to Severe Brain Injury

  • Clinic Area dedicated to Severe Brain Injury;
  • Clinic Area dedicated to Spinal Cord Injury;
  • Clinic Area dedicated to Neuro-muscular diseases;
  • Clinic Area dedicated to Neuro-degenerative diseases (i.e. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease);
  • Clinic Area dedicated to Day Hospital Activities;
  • Movement Analysis Laboratory;
  • Neuro-psychology Service;
  • Service of Psychological Support for patients and caregivers;
  • Social worker Service.

Activities                                    Volumes
Annual ordinary hospitalization


Annual ambulatorial services and Day Hospital60.000

Source: Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Center

Healthcare services

Activity data: 1.000 Year: 2018 i

The "Villa Beretta" Rehabilitation Center is a reference center in the field of neurorehabilitation, movement analysis, telemedicine and telerehabilitation. It is part of a collaborative network within Italy, Europe, North America (USA, Canada) and United Arab Emirates.

The Center is equipped with Hi-Tech therapeutic services to support clinical research, diagnostic and therapeutic activities. In particular, rehabilitative activity is carried out with wearable robotics systems for recovery of walking function or upper limb functions, in virtual reality environments, also using "serious game", or with functional electrical stimulation or neuromodulation systems. To support the conventional and technological rehabilitation programs, the Center provides highly emotional, creative multimodal activities such as dance therapy, art therapy, arpaterapy and orthotherapy.

Each patient has an integrated rehabilitation program in terms of motor function, psychosocial rehabilitation, neuropsychological rehabilitation aimed at recovering global functional and participation in social life.

Continuous support for improving the autonomy of the person and his social participation is fundamental to positively affect the quality of life. The activities are focused on the individual and they are closely related to the families and the social network. The dignity of each person is therefore valued and it is a centerpiece of the rehabilitation team.

Source: Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Center